2006 Triathlon News Archive

Our comprehensive 2006 triathlon news archive featuring triathlon news from events around the world.

(12/10/06) – Website feedback from AllTriathlon.com AllTriathlon.com blog image

When we had the idea to create TRImapper.com, our intention was to bring triathlon races to you while making it fun and easier for you to find the triathlon races.

Recently our intentions were verified by a write up from AllTriathlon.com. A website that offers triathlon training plans, practical tips and thoughts and information on the triathlon lifestyle authored by Matt Babcock. The heading on the site’s blog says it all: “TRImapper.com Makes Finding the Right Triathlon Easier” We couldn’t of said it better ourselves. It goes on to say this about our capabilities: “It’s a great tool for pinpointing triathlons close to home.” We enjoy getting feedback or criticism, just drop us a note a let us know how we are doing.

(11/28/06) – It’s our Birthday!!!

1000th Triathlon and more...

No, we haven’t lost our mind just yet, we just felt like being creative with our story banner heading. Can you guess what it says? (the answer is at the end) TRImapper.com, the visual triathlon finder web site has achieved 2 new milestones. A year ago we took the idea of finding triathlons to a new level by implementing a visual triathlon finder by using Google’s mapping technology. Since then we have steadily continued plotting triathlon races around the world and have now achieved a grand milestone by quadrupling the number of triathlons plotted from the initial 250 we started with to 1000 triathlons. Along the way we started working on our next feature map for the site. We are happy to let everyone know that TRImapper.com has just recently introduced the Triathlon Clubs Around the World map. This new feature map allows triathletes from around the world find a  triathlon club or multisport club in their city, state, country to train with. The map currently has over 275 triathlon clubs around the world listed. To spread the word, TRImapper.com introduced temporary tattoos and started mailing them around the world to triathlete’s who requested them.

Some facts about the 1000 triathlons plotted on TRImapper.com:
– Triathlon events from 53 countries listed
– 60% of the triathlons plotted in North America
– 22% of the triathlons plotted in Europe
– 12% of the triathlons plotted in Oceania (Australia)
– 55% of the triathlons are Sprint / Short distance triathlons
– 34% of the triathlons are Olympic / International distance triathlons
– 14% of the triathlons are Half-Iron distance triathlons
– Popular months for a triathlon event are: July (181), June (176), August (161)
– 1000th race plotted on TRImapper.com Oslo Triathlon (Oslo, Norway)

The number of triathlons plotted on all continents except North America has doubled since the 500th plotted race, proof that TRImapper.com is a world / global site. We have nearly doubled the number of countries with triathlons listed from 27 to 53 since our 500th plotting. Proof that triathlons are very popular these days, not matter what size they are or where they are held. We look forward to plotting more races for you to check out or participate in.

The challenges of plotting 1000 triathlons around the world are many. We encountered the following in trying to plot the over 1000 triathlons we have. They included poor websites or lack of a website, language barriers, poor course maps or lack of course maps or out-of-date information. We can’t imagine how triathletes find the races and/or prepare for something when they don’t have the proper information.

In our opinion:
– Most exotic triathlon plotted: Fiji Triathlon (Castaway Island, Fiji)
– Most challenging triathlon plotted: Norseman Xtreme Triathlon (Eidfjord, Norway)
– Biggest non-IM triathlon event: Esprit Triathlon (Montreal, Canada) (Ironman, Half, Olympic, Sprint, Relays)
– Biggest up-and-coming triathlete event: Miracle Kids Triathlon (Chanhassen, MN, USA)
In 2006 their goal was to have 1000 kids participate. We think they came pretty close.

Help us celebrate by spreading the word about our site. Let your friends, event directors or sponsors know about TRImapper.com. Order some of our Tattoo’s for your next race or add a link to our site.

Well, by now you should have be able to translate our banner, if not, this it says: 1KTN53CN1Y+TC! = 1000 Triathlons in 53 Countries in 1 Year plus
Triathlon Clubs!

(11/15/06) – Triathlon Clubs Around the World

Are you looking for a place where you can train with others and benefit from the advice of experienced triathletes, if so then we have something new for you. TRImapper.com introduces a new feature map that will allow triathletes from all over the world find a triathlon club or multisport club in their city, state, country. Most triathlon clubs provide organized training and knowledge sharing clinics while some clubs even organize triathlons in their communities. They are a good way to find training partners. Triathlon clubs foster camaraderie among triathletes of all levels, find a club today.

We currently have over 250 triathlon clubs listed from all over the world. If we don’t have your club listed and would like to list your club, feel free to email us with your club information. Submit club listing.

(09/20/06) – Opps! Uno mas!

Ceclavín blog imageOpps! another Spanish posting. The town on Ceclavín, Spain which is located on the western border of Spain is excited to have a marker on TRImapper.com This is what a local blog had to say:

La página TRImapper.com, recopila y marca sobre un mapa, los lugares donde se celebran los Principales Triatlones del Mundo…
Pues bien, para valorar la importancia del triatlon que se celebra en nuestro pueblo, decirles solamente que Ceclavín es uno de los lugares marcados
en el mapa de esa web.

The TRImapper.com website, compiles and marks on a map, the places where the Main Triathlons of the World are celebrated…
Therefore, this shows the value and importance of the triatlon that is celebrated in our town, I tell you that Ceclavín is one of the places marked
on the map of this website.

(09/15/06) – TRImapper.com speaks Spanish

TecnoMAPS.com Blog image Spanish blog site TecnoMAPS, a blog dedicated to reporting Geographic Information Systems related websites lists TRImapper.com The site editors are 3 bloggers from Spain with a passion for Science and Technology. The site states:

“Si te gusta participar en Triatlones a lo largo de todo el mundo o eres un profesional de este deporte, seguro que TRImapper te interesa.”

If you like to participate in Triathlons like many people around the world or are a professional of this sport, then for sure TRImapper would be of
interest to you.

Roughly around the same time Antonio Fraga who is also from Spain was getting ready for his first triathlon. Antonio also has a blog and had this to say about TRImapper.com

“Pero bueno, como este blog va de mapas, aquí tenéis también la página Trimapper que permite buscar en Google Maps las distintas competiciones alrededor del mundo.”

Well, this blog is for maps, so here you have the website Trimapper that permits you to seek in Google Maps the different competitions around the

Ya, eso es todo en Espanol.
Done, that all of it in Spanish.

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Ted at Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Nick at Turtleman Triathlon Tiffany at Pigman Triathlon Laura at Pigman Triathlon

(05/14/2006) – TRImapper.com plots it’s 750th triathlon!

The number of triathlons plotted on TRImapper.com, the visual triathlon finder for triathlon events around the world, reaches 750. A small number in comparison to the actual number of triathlons around the world but a milestone in itself since the number of triathlons plotted on TRImapper.com has tripled since the inception of the site back in November of 2005. Since the plotting of our 500th triathlon we have added triathlons in 14 other countries and the number of triathlons mapped in Europe has doubled to almost 150 triathlons.

(04/22/06) – Outside Magazine mentions TRImapper.com

Outside MagazineWe landed some additional press. The March issue of Outside Magazine mentions TRImapper.com in a section titled Next-Generation Maps under an article titled The Outside Explorer’s Guide to the Brave New World of Trip Planning. “You can now quickly plan a road trip to U.S. hot springs (www.acme.com/jef/hotsprings), confirm that your hotel is right on the beach (www.mapsofhotels.com), and find a triathlon almost anywhere (www.trimapper.com).”

(03/25/06) – User feedback

Racing The Edge Blog Image We keep getting good reviews while still working out the kinks. This quote says it all “This is a killer triathlon finder“. Quotes like these make us work hard on making this come true. The quote comes from Mike’s blog at Racing The Edge who is currently training for his first Triathlon. The review Mike has on his blog is detailed and honest; he talks about our features and our lingering problems. In conclusion he states “this is a great site that should be added to your favs list.” Thanks Mike! We enjoy and look forward to you feedback, let us know how we are doing.

(02/25/06) – 220 Triathlon magazine write up

220 Triathlon magazineTRImapper.com‘s international presence, acknowledgment and recognition continues to grow. A recent visitor to TRImapper.com who we now consider our friend Nicholas Rose let us know about this brief write up in 220 Triathlon, a popular UK dedicated triathlon magazine. “Whether you’re racing abroad or here in the UK, www.trimapper.com will help you plan your season. Created by a computer-whizz and triathlete based in Minneapolis, USA, the site features events from all over the globe. Just click on the area you’d like to compete in and you’ll receive all the details you need including nearby accommodation. The easy to use site currently contains 475 races over six continents.”

(01/28/06) – TRImapper.com introduces link program

TRImapper.com introduces it’s link program to promote it’s website to all triathletes around the world. We want everyone to know about TRImapper.com, the World Visual Triathlon Finder. Help us spread the word by adding a link to TRImapper.com on your website. Here are a few of our new image links.

(01/13/2006) – TRImapper.com Reaches Milestone!

TRImapper.com, the visual triathlon finder web site achieved a small milestone by plotting it’s 500th triathlon on the sites triathlon maps. With the plotting of the 500th race, the number of triathlon events listed on TRImapper.com has doubled. The initial beta rollout of the triathlon mapper started with 250 triathlons. The site has been well received worldwide since the initial preview rollout in November of 2005. There are more than 500 triathlons world wide, so the site will continue to grow.

Some facts about the 500 triathlons plotted on TRImapper.com:
– Triathlon events plotted on 6 continents
– Triathlon events from 27 countries listed
– 77% of the triathlons plotted in North America alone
– 55% of the triathlons are Sprint distance races
– 20% of the triathlons take place in July
– 500th race plotted on TRImapper.com Great Floridian Triathlon

The milestone also brings change to the TRImapper.com site. While good, the number of triathlons has caused growing pains in the mapping of the races on a single map. To alleviate this issue and in preparation for new features that are in the works the site is going through it’s first makeover. TRImapper.com will now have a main page and offer triathlon maps by continent to help speed up the mapping process. Besides those changes the site will also add a Triathlon News section and Developer Log to keep you up-to-date with the latest news.

(12/15/2005) – Google Maps Mania mentions TRImapper.com

Google Maps Mania (googlemapsmania.blogspot.com), the unofficial Google Maps blog mentions TRImapper.com the Visual Triathlon Finder on it’s site.