Henley-on-Thames to Host Highwayman Triathlon

Henley HighwaymanHenley-on-Thames is set to host a unique triathlon festival this summer. Jeremy Laming and friend Phil Harrison have promised to give the town one hell of race with the new Henley Highwayman triathlon. The 3-discipline, 3-day Henley Highwayman triathlon is set to take place June 5th through June 7th. The race is designed for all levels of participation and won’t cause disruption like the previous triathlon event the town hosted.

The Henley Highwayman will be something different. Unlike a standard triathlon, where the swim, bike and run disciplines follow each other in a single race, the Henley Highwayman pitches 3 different disciplines over 3 days. The Highwayman will be unique and have something for everyone as participants will be able to choose from the standard race distance options (Full / Mid / Sprint) or pick and mix the distances offered for their own race flavor.

The triathlon will kick off with a swim in the River Thames. Triathletes will be able to choose from a 1km, 2km or 4km swim distance on Friday.

The bike route options for Saturday’s discipline will be 62km, 120km or 182km.

The 3-day triathlon festival will end on Sunday with the run leg, featuring a 9km, 17km or 25km run.

In the end the Henley Highwayman will be scored on a points system, with timing serving only to separate competitors who have the same points score. Competitors will be categorized by age and gender, as well as being placed in the overall field.

The pre-defined Full distance race option will consist of a 4km Swim, 182km Bike and a 25km Run, the Mid distance option will consist of a 2km Swim, 120km Bike and a 17km Run. The entry level Sprint distance option will feature a 1km Swim, 62km Bike and a 9km Run.

Entries for the new race in June are now open. For more information, visit www.henleyhighwayman.co.uk