Monster Triathlon – UK’s Toughest Triathlon

If you are looking for an an extreme triathlon adventure to conquer, this might be an option to consider. The Monster Triathlon, which is being billed at the UK’s Toughest Triathlon, is back and will now be open to everyone to conquer.  The point-to-point Monster Triathlon event is just one of the many extreme triathlon events throughout the United Kingdom, which has these other races on the triathlon calendar, Brutal Extreme Triathlon, CELTMAN, Triathlon X, and Jurassicman Extreme Triathlon.

The epic 7-day Monster Triathlon is the UK’s ultimate multi-sport challenge and will take place from September 17-23, 2017. It starts with a 5km Swim in Loch Ness, before 5 stunning days on the Bike and finishes with an ultra-marathon along the Thames. The Swim, Bike and Run will cover over 550 miles from Loch Ness to London.

Event Schedule:

Sept. 17 – Swim 5km in Loch Ness
Sept. 18 – Bike from Fort Williams to Glasgow
Sept. 19 – Bike from Glasgow to Carlisle
Sept. 20 – Bike from Carlisle to Haydock
Sept. 21 – Bike from Haydock to Kidderminster
Sept. 22 – Bike from Kidderminster to Windsor
Sept. 23 – Run from Windsor to Richmond

You will have to be prepared for this week long triathlon adventure. You can take part on your own – or as part of a relay team of between two and seven members. Come on, one day each already sounds a lot more manageable!

One of the major differences between this triathlon and the other extreme triathlon events in the UK is the distance and the number of days.  This one will encompass 550 miles over 7 days while the others are for the most part 1 day events with much shorter distances, usually 140.6 or so.

Registation for this event will open this month. More information can be found on the events website: