New Evergreen Long Distance Triathlons in Chamonix (France)

evergreen-endurance-logoThe Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France is the location for the new Evergreen Endurance long distance triathlon events. The inaugural EVERGREEN 228 & EVERGREEN 118 triathlons will take place on September 12, 2015 in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

We introduce to you a new concept in endurance sport, placing responsibility at the forefront alongside the challenge itself. From our HQ in the Chamonix Valley, in the Rhône-Alpes Region of France, the Evergreen Endurance team brings you the most beautiful and most responsible races in the world!

The idea for the event comes from two experienced endurance athletes / enthusiasts with the full support of the Chamonix Valley Community of Communes. The races will showcase an unforgettable alpine route consisting of crystalline lakes, steep roads and verdant paths, a journey where athletes will swim, bike and run a total of 228 km (long distance event) / 118 kilometers (half distance event).

By bringing together all the components of a great race along with our experiences in endurance sport, we believe we have created something really special.


This first edition will consist of two events:
EVERGREEN 228: a long distance triathlon consisting of: 4km Swim / 181km Bike / 43km Run.
Along the 228km route, athletes will have to surmount a positive height gain of over 7500me and no doubt experience the local support from towns and villages providing an electric race day atmosphere. This combination of distance, height gain and technicality of the mountain trails should give the EVERGREEN 228 triathlon the title of ‘toughest’ iron-distance triathlon on earth!

EVERGREEN 118: a half distance triathlon consisting of: 2km Swim / 96km Bike / 21km Run.
A stunning and varied 95km bike race exploring both challenging mountain climbs and a flatter ‘time trialling’ style through the smooth alpine roads of Haute-Savoie. Along the 118km route, athletes will surmount a positive height gain of over 3200me.

Beyond the sporting challenge that will be offered by Evergreen Evergreen 228 and 118, an even stronger environmental theme will be the true driver of this event. Indeed, the team of Evergreen has developed in collaboration with the Chamonix Valley Community of Communes as well as green experts in the field, a long-term environmental strategy that aims for 1) a neutral carbon footprint within 3 years 2) a minimized carbon footprint of the organization and of our competitors, and 3) an innovative fundraising mechanism to mobilize athletes and help fund key environmental projects in the Chamonix valley and in the region.

These ambitious goals will be reached thanks to creativity, change of attitude, and adopting a series of innovative solutions that will be implemented in full transparency (for example, an independent green audit of our event will be conducted annually and the conclusions of this audit will be made public). Having such objectives for a triathlon of this scale is a real first and our desire is simply to become the new green face of endurance sport by creating a new standard in terms of sustainability requirement and environmental responsibility for the world of triathlon, and more generally the world of endurance sports.

Registration is now open for the scenic and challenging Evergreen long distance triathlons at