Submit Triathlon Event Listing

Use the form below to submit your FREE triathlon event listing to TriMapper’s database of triathlon events around the world. After you submit your event, we will review your listing and get it displaying on our site.

Before you get started, have you checked to see if we might already have your triathlon event(s) listed. So to save you some time, we have this jump menu to quickly take you to pages where you can check. Just select the location and press Go. If we have it/them and we need to updated something, please just send us and email. Click here or Contact in the menu above..


  • First find the Latitude and Longitude for your triathlon event with the map below. Please place map marker as close as possible to the actual event site. If you have a point to point swim, place map marker where T1 will be at.
  • Once you have done that, fill out the form below the map with all the Triathlon event details.
  • This page only supports one Triathlon event listing at a time. If you have multiple races, you can add them this way or request our spreadsheet for easy submission. Please click here or the Contact link in the menu above.
  • Enter an address or location in the input below and press Geocode
  • A marker will appear on the map, you can drag and drop the marker to tweak the location, just click & drag.
  • The latitude/longitude will appear in the infowindow and will be updated after you drag it to a new location.
  • Select and copy the values for use in the form below.

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