XTERRA England Championship Back On 2014 Schedule

XTERRA EnglandThe United Kingdom-based headquarters of global engagement agency Limelight Sports has secured rights from Vachery Estate and XTERRA headquarters to deliver the XTERRA England Championship race in Cranleigh, Surrey at the same venue and on the same date, August 24, 2014, as previously listed.

“When Brave Events announced it ceased trading and cancelled the XTERRA England Championship we received an amazing amount of support from race directors and event management companies eager to keep the race alive,” said XTERRA World Tour Managing Director Dave Nicholas.

Limelight Sports has created and delivered sports participation experiences such as the Royal Parks Foundation Half-Marathon and the London Duathlon, and was selected to take over the event and grow it into the future.

“We have history with Limelight Sports, as we work with their Australian branch to produce the XTERRA Great Ocean Road off-road triathlon in Anglesea and the new XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship at Jervis Bay,” said XTERRA President Janet Clark. “We are confident in their abilities, resources and skill to perpetuate XTERRA in the UK and very much appreciate their willingness to step-in and take over.”

Limelight Sports has received approval from Vachery Estate in Surrey to use the same course as last year, which was lauded by competitors for being “a great route that is super challenging, muddy, and loads of fun.”

“We are excited at the prospect of delivering another XTERRA event. We aim to build upon the series’ impressive and passionate following,” said Craig Dews, Limelight Sports Chief Executive. “The stunning Vachery Estate is a fantastic venue and we look forward to welcoming participants from around the world to this beautiful part of England.”

The race will be held just one week after the XTERRA Germany Championship race which is doubling as the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships, enticing many international elites and amateurs to extend their stay and race in both events. In addition, the XTERRA Denmark Championship will be held a week later in Tisvilde, offering another appealing two-race vacation travel opportunity.

Learn more at www.xterraengland.com

Those who registered previously for the event via Brave Events please note we have NOT received your contact information from the former event organizers, however, we would like to communicate with you. Please register your email address at www.xterraengland.com and Tweet us @XTERRA_UK and we will be in touch shortly with details on your registration into the new event.